Thursday, January 30, 2014

[News] Miss Atown (@MissATown2U) interviews Ben Pimpin (@BenPimpinBPE)

Last week was definitely our coldest days & I had the pleasure of kickin shit with Atlanta's coldest new rapper, Ben Pimpin. Ben Pimpin is an Atlanta native strait from Simpson Rd (Simpset, Westside is the lingo). Now because I know Mr Pimpin I jumped right in.

Miss Atown: Ben, I know you've had a sac since we met a few years ago. Money was never the issue & you were always a young entrepreneur, why did u decide to rap?
Ben Pimpin: Because of my passion for music it ain't about da money
Miss Atown: Since your passion is so strong for the music, what influences your music (the songs you make) ?
Ben Pimpin: My music is influence threw my life and every day experiences
Miss Atown: Ok Ben, I get it, everyday experiences but what makes your sound, flow, and delivery separate from the rest? What do you have that the competition lacks?
Ben Pimpin: I have the ability to make u see what I'm saying, a verbal visual I paint pictures not many can.
Miss Atown: How well do u know the music industry?
Ben Pimpin: like da back of my hand, very well I been wanting this my whole life.
Miss Atown: Have you ever felt like giving up Ben?
Ben Pimpin: No because I know deep down inside I will succeed if I give it 100%. I could always rapp effortlessly with out trying.
Miss Atown: How well do you know me, & what caused you to reach out me?
Ben Pimpin: You are a good friend of mine I've known for years and I reached out to her because I knew she was gone be straight up with me about my music friendship or not plus u gotta go threw Atown anyway to get on in Atlanta.

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