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Papa Reu is emerging as one of the industry's most known unknown artists, as he is now ready to position himself atop the epicenter of southern Hip Hop. His style is a unique island sound mixed with southern savvy, and a bigger than life persona that boasts charisma and liveliness. Much of his early success came with Cash Money Records, being featured with the likes of multi-platinum selling artists such as The Big Tymers', Juvenile, Lil Wayne.
Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Reu's early musical influences came from the likes of Gregory Isaac and Slick Rick. At the age of 16, Reu and his brother relocated to Houston, TX where he began affiliating himself within the local hip-hop scene and became a pioneer of Houston's popular underground rap movement. Quietly making a name for himself, Papa Reu has released several albums independently under his Reu Muzik label. Collectively Papa Reu has sold over 100,000 units throughout the south, west coast and mid west.
Reu was also featured on the Solange Knowles song for "Don't Fight the Feeling" from the original soundtrack of The Fighting Temptations film going GOLD, selling 500,000+ copies worldwide.
Papa Reu brings a breath of fresh air, bridging the gap for Hip Hop, R'n'B, Dancehall, Pop and Reggae listeners worldwide. With plans to set new standards in the music industry, it is a matter of time before Papa Reu becomes known to the world as an international star!!
Big Shottas Promo
Papa Reu's new single, "Big Shottas", which he co-produced with J Hot, features legends Bun B and Elephant Man. This song perfectly blends Reu's Carribean background with his adopted city's signature sound and is sure to dominate party lists throughout the summer. With a discography that goes all the way back to Cash Money (The Big Tymer's, Lil Wayne), Juvenile and Scarface, and includes sales of over 200,000 albums independently on his own label, Reu Muzik, Papa Reu has long been attributed with music that makes your trunk go BOOM!
Reu & Bun
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