Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Audio: Kyle Skye 'For You' feat. J.C.

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Audio: Kyle Skye 'For You' feat. J.C.
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Kyle Skye, a Minneapolis, MN native, understands that nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. Although his head “is always in the clouds, dreaming of the future,” he works hard, day and night to ensure his unyielding desires become reality. In all he does, Skye exceeds average expectations, which has garnished him the label of a renaissance man, the do all be all. With an immense passion that defines his character not only as an artist, but also a social figure, Kyle Skye continues to push boundaries daily. Continuously exploring new possibilities, while maintaining an awareness of the social realities that affect everyday life, he strives to create change. Skye is an undiscovered star with the talent, determination, and swagger to achieve household name status. Enjoy.

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