Friday, August 22, 2014

DJ Khasper Bhinks - Producers Exposed

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Distribution
DJ Khasper Bhinks - Producers Exposed
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes announce the release of the “Producers Exposed” Mixtape by DJ Khasper Bhinks. The 18 track project is currently available for download on the Coast 2 Coast website. This mixtape features appearances and original productions from Swagg B, Gottim, Phat B, Tru G Productions, JJ Mangino, Sean Planes and many more.
DJ Khasper Bhinks is a full time DJ out of Indianapolis, Indiana, who produces, mixes and promotes music. He has been an active DJ since 1998 and has worked with hundreds of Independent Artists worldwide. You can find out anything about him by simply googling his name. You can also find a portion of DJ Khasper Bhinks' portfolio at, as he is an official "Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes DJ". Artists, Managers, and Promoters are welcome to contact DJ Khasper Bhinks at any time, from anywhere in the world being that his team and him operate a 24-hour live service.
The "Producers Exposed" mixtape is a worldwide collaboration between 15 artists worldwide along with mixing by DJ Khasper Bhinks himself. This project features music from Maestro Da Beatmaker, Swagg B, Just Hits, Dopeboibeatz, Drxp Atxmz, Gottim, Tru G Productions, Bangers By One, Sean Planes, Corporatethief Beats, Nathan Synth, Phat B, International BeatVets, Music Picasso, and JJ Mangino. Every artist featured is well aware of their involvement and is offering to sell the rights to their productions. Get in touch with DJ Khasper Bhinks and his crew on Twitter at @DjKhasperBhinks.
1. DJ Khasper Bhinks - Introduction
2. Maestro Da Beatmaker - Rolex
3. Swagg B - We Made It
4. Just Hits - A New Day
5. Dopeboibeatz - That Rock
6. DRXP ATXMZ - Squeeze
7. Gottim - The Greatest
8. Tru G Productions - Thuggin'
9. Bangers By One - Imprisonment
10. Sean Planes - D Boy
11. Corporatethief Beats - Money Never Sleeps
12. Nathan Synth - Eternity
13. Phat B - Showdown
14. International Beatvets - Anthem
15. Music Picasso - Paint A Picture
16. JJ Mangino - Ghost
17. International Beatvets - Stop Trippin
18. DJ Khasper Bhinks - Outro

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