Monday, September 15, 2014

[NEW MUSIC] Neef Buck "Scrappin The Pot"

Neef Buck Teases, Forever Do Me, Vol. 7 with "Scrappin The Pot"

“Scrappin The Pot” is a banger with bleak lyrics that’ll breathe life into the soul of the streets. Legendary Grammy-nominated, Philly-lyricist Neef Buck is back, this time around with the 7th installment of his street-cemented classic, Forever Do Me. Neef describes the Bobby Johnson-produced-single as:
“…a record that stands for being and staying hungry for more. Getting everything you can get out of every situation - which could be anything in life.”
This record is a clear celebration for anyone familiar to the hustle - broke parents, starving artists, and filthy rich stockbrokers – this street-honest anthem is packed with lyrical proclamations to the streets and vivid stories over its subtle production. Neef has quite nailed a formula for delivering a club banger for the afternoon ride home.

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