Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paris - "Posed to Be" [Video x Download]


"Posed to Be" [Video]

Click Here to Watch & Download

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Born in The Central African Republic and raised in France, Paris has a taste in all genres of music, and from his perspective lives in a different world. He feels that there is a distinct polarity between life in the U.S and France, and he exhibits this notion in a variety of unique and creative ways. Inspired by artists from Frank Sinatra to Tupac, and how they portrayed a refined sound in their music, showcasing luxury, organized crime and fashion, but more importantly the lifestyle that comes with being an artist. Parîs intends to showcase his musical talent in his debut release “Posed To Be,” which features a cinematic styled music video that defines the lifestyle of Parîs. Watch and download below.
Twitter: @OfficialParisEU
Instagram: OfficialParisMusic
Soundcloud: OfficialParisMusic

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