Wednesday, March 23, 2016

[Video] #Headlinerz - Double Tap Dat / Thumb Through The Gram + MP3

Sharp Team Entertainment brings forth hot duo Headlinerz w/ bang out track and video Double Tap Dat prod by YoungKrosBeats. Press Play and Support today. Click [Here] To Download Single Connect w/ Headlinerz IG: OfficialHeadlinerz Twitter/IG: YoungKrosBeats Twitter/IG: SlickTwoThree For Booking Contact: 317-258-1271

[Mixtape] Blo5k (@Blo5kMGMG) - Gang

@Blo5k is the hot group out of ATL that consists of @b5lila + @b5_fatt. Their debut mixtape "Blo5k Muzik" hosted by Bigga Rankin and DJ Tokars generated a lot of buzz and had these guys on the road promoting and pushing. The music must continue to be updated and with that mentality they went back into the studio with Bigga Rankin and put together their lasted project "Gang". Support these super duo and their continued strive for super stardom.

Connect w/ Blo5k: Twitter: @Blo5kMGMG IG: @b5lila, @b5_fatt, @mgmgthelabel, @blo5k For Drops, Interviews, Promotions + Marketing

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[Video] Scrill (@IamScrill) - F Wit Em

Scrill recently dropped his mixtape "Rich Nigga Dreams" which has the streets buzzing about this Bigga Rankin Music Group artist. The buzz has been so amazing that we quickly made the decision to bring to the streets a hot visual for "F Wit Em", one of the standout tracks on a mixtape full of bangers. "F Wit Em" is directed by Shotz and dropped exclusively on Check the video out and download the full mixtape, which is available on all platforms. Click [Here] To Download "Rich Ni**a Dreams" Connect w/ Scrill: Twitter: @IamScrill Instagram: IamScrill

Monday, March 21, 2016

[Mixtape] College Boy (@_CollegeBoy1) - Mississippi Living (Prod by College Boy)

Born and raised in the Sip, College Boy releases his new single about that true meaning of Mississippi living! Presented by Mississippi Movement & Tracklife Ent

Click [Here] To Stream

Connect w/ College Boy: Twitter & IG: @_CollegeBoy1 Booking or

Thursday, March 17, 2016

[Video] @Slick_Casino "In The Air"

Directed by / Produced by Castro Beats


Download "In The Air" Here

Follow on IG: @Slick_Casino @Trappedoutseries

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[Mixtape] Spud Mack (@SpudMackNEasy) - Out The Mud

Spud Mack is an entertainer of Haitian descent. His nickname 'Spudmackneasy' was given to him for being the ultimate party animal, which derived from the Budweiser dog Spud Makenzie. In songs he refers to himself as Spud Mack. There is an authenticity when Spud weaves these street hymns and stories. Spud was imprisoned for 6 years in 2005, which he does not use as a bragging point but, a point of reference for others to know which path to choose along with giving the listener a deep look at life from a first-hand experience. Checkout his debut mixtape 'Out The Mud', hosted by the streets A&R Bigga Rankin.

Click Here To Stream or Download

Connect w/ Spud Mack: Twitter: @SpudMackNEasy Instagram: SpudMackNEasy

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

[Mixtape] Calz (@Cedonia_Calz) - Cocaine Calz

The Baltimore MD born rapper Calz is ready to change the game. Growing up he always listened to Jadakiss, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie Smallz, Jay-Z, and Big L; mainly because of their flow and how they rode beats. He separates himself from many of today’s artists because of his versatility and his ability to ride the track so smooth. Currently gaining buzz in his city he's constantly working on new music and now dropping his latest mixtape "Cocaine Calz". Calz always keeps a steady mindset on achieving something you believe in, his words exactly are "if you believe in it, then it can be done". Checkout the Bigga Rankin hosted project today and support an artist actively chasing his goals.

Click Here To Download/Stream

Checkout the "Never Change" Video

Connect w/ Calz Twitter: @Cedonia_Calz Instagram: itscalzfrom_ca

Monday, March 14, 2016

[Mixtape] DoLo TheArtist (@DoLo_TheArtist) - Hunger Pains

(Washington DC)  His one-of-a-kind style of Hip-Hop has the fire power of an Army, but the music's powerful messages and veracity come from only one man -- DoLo The Artist.


The Washington DC-based entertainer -- backed by MasterMind Music Entertainment,      Inc. -- is scheduled to release his latest mixtape, Hunger Pains, on March 9th, 2016.  "This mixtape is extremely special to me," said DeAngelo Jamar Rufus -- aka DoLo The Artist.  "I want to be a role model for my children by teaching them to always keep the eye on the prize and to never give up." Listen to full-length mixtape now on Spinrilla.


Hunger Pains truly captures what DC Hip-Hop is all about.  DoLo believes his mixtape offers several benefits to the local music scene -- including giving Hip-Hop a unique DC flavor, providing fresh rhymes on classic melodies, and turning up the DC club scene with new hits.  "I believe when you're able to take all the trials and tribulations you face and create a picture with words, then that is what births a true artist."

Dolo says he is motivated every day by his family and friends, two children, mother and father, as well as his siblings.  "They are my biggest fans."  Since he was a young boy, he's been told that he has a distinctive and exceptional way with words.  "I have been constantly reminded that I had the ability to be great.  That encourages me to go harder every time I write.”


“The sky isn't the limit, that's too low for me."  -Dolo TheArtist. Interview opportunities for Dolo are limited.  Call now to book your press availability and follow the movement on twitter: @DoLo_TheArtist @SONNYBREEZY #UNG #MastermindMusicEnt.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

[Mixtape] Scrill (@IamScrill) - Rich Nigga Dreams hosted by Bigga Rankin, DJ Scream, DJ Winn, and DJ Drama

STR8 Up Gang & Team Bigga Rankin presents Scrill White "Rich Nigga Dreams" mixtape hosted by Bigga Rankin, Dj Scream, Dj Drama and Dj Winn. This mixtape features stand out singles "These Niggas Fake" remix ft. Plies, plus I Can Tell. It was a long time in the making, but when greatness is anticipated a rush job just won't suffice. Tastemakers such as Bigga Rankin don't get behind every artist that they come into contact with, but Scrill White will more than prove why he is a Team Bigga Rankin artist with this project. Make sure to follow the team and support the movement, but most of all, enjoy and vibe to the music while chasing your own "Rich Nigga Dreams."

Connect w/ Scrill: Twitter: @IamScrill Instagram: IamScrill

Thursday, March 10, 2016

[Single] PlayBoi C (@PlayBoiC4) - Killin It 2 Def

PlayBoi C continues his persistent push to propel Carolina to the fore front of the industry. PlayBoi C delivers "Killin It 2 Def" off the street album "C Me”; another dope boy eccentric, club rocking, get fly finesse anthem. The Southern fried Blacklist Hustle/NorfStar artist drops stick & move lyrics with fragrant fresh punch lines over raunchy body captivating basslines & rapid fire snares, produced by "Tony Snarez". "Killing It 2 Def" is infused by the new age Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry Be Happy" notion tailored made GQ suit for the radio airwaves, the DJ's taste buds, and the Hip Hop Culture to embrace their inner charisma.

Connect w/ Playboi C4: Twitter: @PlayBoiC4 Instagram: PlayBoiC4

Monday, March 7, 2016

[Mixtape] JoJo Capone "Boss Life" (They Talk It, I Live It)

smBossLife CoverArt
JoJo Capone "Boss Life"
They Talk It, I Live It.
Hosted By: Bigga Rankin & Dj Swamp Izzo
Artist: Jojo Capone
Mixtape Title: Boss Life (They Talk It, I Live It)
Host(s): Bigga Rankin & Dj Swampizzo
Act-Like-It Ent Global Gangsters CashMoney/ Rich Gang Presents. JoJo Capone "Boss Life" (They Talk It, I Live It) Hosted By: BIgga Rankin & Dj Swamp Izzo. Powered by the Promo Vatican.
Tags: jojo capone, global gangsters, actlikeitent, act like it ent, cashmoney, rich gang, team bigga rankin, boss life, cool running djs, core djs, coast2coast djs, promo vatican, they talk it i live it, chicago, rap, hiphop, mixtape,

[Mixtape] Southpaw Sosay and Shotty Balboa - The FAMM Reunion

small fam front
Artist: Southpaw Sosay and Shotty Balboa
Hosted by Dj Frank White 
Label: 4th and 20 Music Group 
Production: The Gift Factory
Song titles 
2. A Brand
3. Loyalty/Trust
4. Plug Shopping
5. No Feelings
6. Can't Be
8. They Drowning
9. Cooking Cypher
10. Flavored Up
11. R.S.W.E.W.
4th and 20 Music Group Presents Southpaw Sosay and Shotty Balboa "The FAMM REUNION" Powered by The Promo Vatican. Please support the team and follow the movement. 
Tags: southpaw sosay, shotty balboa, famm, famm reunion, 4th and 20, team bigga rankin, cool running djs, core djs, coast2coast djs, promo vatican, new orleans, hiphop, hip hop, rap, mixtape,

Friday, March 4, 2016


J. Simon
I Am J Simon
Hosted by DJ Swamp Izzo
1. Lil Mad Big Mad feat. McNasty
2. Lifetime
3. Day One
4. Dinna Plate feat. The Last Mr. Bigg
5. Dreamín Bout Money feat. Young Breed
6. Get To The Money
7. Rodeo feat. Tazz Santana
8. Neva Fold
9. Aint Nun
10. Do It For Daddy
11. Fuckery
12. So What (Fím All)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

[Mixtape] Phan The Konnect Man - IT'S GON' BE A FEE

Phan The Konnect Man - IT'S GON' BE A FEE
Mixtape Title: IT'S GON' BE A FEE
Artist Name: Phan The Konnect Man
Twitter /IG Tags: @PhansMusik #PhansMusik #IGBAF #PhanTheKonnectMan
Oklahoma city's own prodigal son and Atlantas stepchild Phan The Konnect Man is representing the mid-south and his affiliates WeRK ent, and ZombieGang well with his latest project It's Gon' Be A Fee" powered by the Promo Vatican, Team Bigga Rankin, and Cool Running Djs. Releasing 3 back to back singles "Run Up The Check, Gas and Lugie has built up crazy anticipation for the "Its Gon' Be A Fee" project. By displaying witty lyrics, versatility, originality and catchy melodies Phan is turning fans into fiends for his music. So In Phan's words, put that pretendo down and Get Konnected to Phan The Konnect Man and don't forget, It's Gon' Be A Fee!
Tags: Werk ent, igbaf, its gonna be a fee, team bigga rankin, core djs, cool running djs, coast2coast djs, promo vaticn, phan the konnect man,
01. IT'S GON' BE A FEE (INTRO) Prod X Joe Guddah for Ric Flare Productions
02. SCURRR (GAS) Prod X Da'GoodChild for Goodie Bag Productions
03. RUN UP THE CHECK Prod X Propane for Ric Flare Productions
04. BRUCE LEE ft. Big Cuz Prod X Joe Guddah
05. LUGIE prod by Battle Ground Productions 
06. NOT THE SAME Prod X Ric Flare Productions
07. OMW Prod X Kagerelli for Trunk Food
08. LIVING MY LIFE ft. Trell Tha Trilla Prod X Sho Nuff Productions 
10. RAPPER WEED ft. Skrew, Tip Toe, Ace Boon Coon, Big Cuz Prod X Moss for Ear Drummer Records/Up Some More
11. BEEN HAD THAT SHIT Prod X Ric Flare Productions
12. COLD CUP Prod X Propane 
13. WHEN I WANT TO Prod X Kap Beats for Trunk Food
14. RN$ Prod X Joe Guddah

[Mixtape] Antdeezy AM "The Setup" Hosted By DJ Winn

set up final final COVER small
Antdeezy AM "The Setup"
Hosted By: Dj Winn
Team Watch Me Work Presents Antdeezy AM "The Setup" Hosted By Dj Winn Powered By The Promo Vatican.
Tags: dj winn, team watch me work, the set up, core djs, cool running djs, team bigga rankin, coast2coast djs, promo vatican,

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

[Video] Haddy Racks "Resumé" ft. Dave East

haddy screenshot
Haddy Racks and Dave East pay homage to the classic film Juice in the dramatic Jus Frank-directed visual for "Resumé". Produced by Buda and Grandz,"Resumé" is the title track from Haddy Racks' upcoming album, which was recorded in the legendary DITC Studios.

[Mixtape] DotMob - Fuxk The Politics Hosted By Dj Whoo Kid

DotMob Fuxk The Politics Art
DotMob's Murda Mook, T-Rex & Dutch Brown have come together in a formidable way over classic Hip Hop tracks on their new mixtape Fuxk The Politics hosted by DJ Whoo. This project also features verses from Cooley Cash, Chayna Ashley, Dan Barz, Brillo Henny Hustle, Pop $hit & Great One.
01. Where is Whoo Kid? (Intro)
02. Fuxk The Politics
03. Neva Told On Nobody
04. Benihana ft. Cooley Cash
05. Foster Kids
06. D.O.T Ain't Nothing to Fuxk Wit (Mob Meeting) ft. Chayna Ashley, Dan Barz, Henny Hustle, Pop $hit & Great One
07. Mourning Homicide
08. F.U.N. (Fuxkin Unbelievable Night) ft. Cooley Cash
09. Mob Ties (Necks, Hands & Feet) ft. Brillo
10. Get The Fuxk Away From Us ft. Chayna Ashley & Dan Barz
Dutch Brown: IG | TWITTER

[Mixtape] Crush The Sota Tape hosted by @djenferno33 & @djraymills

First major release of it's kind from the State of Minnesota. With this compilation we showcase some of the hidden talents of MN artist and producers. Mixed by DJ Enferno & DJ Raymills Crush The Sota Tape Vol. 1 was put together to entice your earbuds to what we have in store for the lovers of dope music.

Connect w/ DJ Enferno & DJ Ray Mills: Twitter: @djenferno33 @djraymills @atgbooming Instagram: @djenferno33 @djraymills @atgbooming

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

[Mixtape] Bigga Is Betta Vol. 1 #CIAA Edition hosted by @BiggaRankin00, @CoreDJCube, and @DJStikuhbush

BiggaIsBetta vol 1 Mixtape #CIAAEdition Hosted By Bigga Rankin, Mixed By Dj Cube and Engineered by Dj Stikuhbush. This CIAA Edition Mixtape delivers hard hitting tracks hand selected by the biggest tastemakers in the game.

Connect w/ Bigga Rankin, Core DJ Cube, and DJ Stikuhbush: Twitter: @BiggaRankin00, @CoreDJCube, @DJStikuhbush Instagram: @BiggaRankin00, @CoreDJCube, @DJStikuhbush