Tuesday, February 25, 2020

[Album] Ken Doll 'Doll House'

Ken Doll Known As ''The Last Doll'' Via His First Mixtape Is A Artist Originally From Los Angles, California Who Later On Moved To Miami, Florida . Ken Doll Is Currently 20 And Started Rapping At 19 And Quickly Took Flight As An Artist After His Debut Single ''Trap Doll'' Ft Zani Band$. Ken Doll’s Name Supposedly Came From His Group Of Associates Who Claimed Even Though He Was A Gay Artist He Should Be Given Name For His Flamboyant Attitude But Street Background. Ken Doll Calls Himself ''The Last Doll'' Due To Him Being The Only Male Known Artist Being Apart Of The Doll Group Franchise Being That There Are 5 Of Them Being Asian Doll , Kash Doll , Cuban Doll , Dream Doll And Last Ken Doll. Ken Doll Currently Stated In An Interview He Is Working On Multiple Projects From His Mixtape ''The Last Doll'' And Now “Doll House” With Features From Classic Underground Artist Bangg 3 , Zani Band$ , Alicia Goku, Blaatina And TreDavinci. Ken Doll Associates Himself With Plenty Of Artist In The Music Industry Even Though He Just Started Rapping And Rapidly Gaining 24K Followers.


Instagram : @KenTheDoll 
Twitter : @KenTheeDoll

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