Friday, March 5, 2021

“Rap with Talent” is becoming one of the hottest IG blog pages out

Subham Negi has made a huge name for himself and become one of the top hip hop bloggers in the world in recent weeks. His Instagram page @Rapwithtalent has shown the world a lot of artist who are very talented and sometime may gets overlooked until they are posted on his page then their careers have a great chance of taken off. 

 He has many influential people who follow his page and each artist he has posted has a chance to get seen by major artist such as Richfam Nate and many more. Subham Negi offering promotion to artist have changed their careers and lives. Rap with talent is a top Instagram blog page that everyone should be tuned into. Rap with talent is a huge reason for the success of artista like @Richfam_Nate due to the exposure they provided to Richfam Nate when he was unknown, know he is a superstar because of the power of @Rapwithtalent!

[New Album] J-Cool - Trap Remix King

New 12 song album released February 2020 from J-Cool titled 'Trap Remix King' This album bring you straight heat and different types of vibes.


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Spotify Artist Page


New single called 'High' by reggae/dancehall artist Bad Gyal Shi Shi coming March 2021!

The beautiful and talented reggae artist Bad Gyal Shi Shi is set to release a new single called 'High' her ode to music this month in stores worldwide. Be on the lookout for her new music.

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

HBK JohnDoe “Anthem” | @HbkJohnDoe ft Bigga Rankin, EZ Longway & Mack Ben WiddIt

From the mouth of the OG Bigga Rankin straight to ya ears a real one anthem, Don’t Fold Entertainment (DFE) presents “ANTHEM”. A street banger, trap tale straight from the young street story tellers, DFE. At it again with another hustle and grind banger, “ANTHEM” from the streets of Richmond VA., to a street near you.

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Paydro “Feel Like Da Bank” Single | @PaydroBCE

Exla Music supports Cincinnati's street native Paydro as he starts 2021 with "Feel Like Da Bank". Living his life feeling like the bank, Paydro hopes to give his fans something to motivate them to get to the bank.

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Continue to support Paydro and his future endeavors.

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Rockstar J "Good Years to Come" Album | @1RockstarJ

Rockstar J recently dropped his debut album "Good Years to Come". "Good Years to Come" tells the story of where Rockstar J has been and how far he's come. The artwork represents Rockstar J's entire life and where he's headed; for instance, the fire at the bottom represents the hell he's been through, the dove in the represents the son he lost in October 2019, the papers that are burning represents all the bills and court cases he's overcome and the guitar on his back represents the music that he will never let go.

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Check out the "Look at Me Now" Video off the album

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Yung Xavi “Shawty Bumpin” Video

Check out new video by Yung Xavi titled “Shawty Bumpin”.

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Triller Teaser:



Regina Madre "What you wanna do?" Single | @rebeccakcrews

Regina Madre is an adult contemporary, R&B artist originally from Benton Harbor, MI. “Regina Madre” is the pseudonym for singer/songwriter/actress and wife to actor Terry Crews, Rebecca King Crews. She debuted the pseudonym in 2018 to get an honest opinion on her music and soon had 2 radio singles, “(I Keep) Holding On” and “Destiny”. Although she has never stopped writing songs, she has taken several breaks from her career to support her family. Rebecca believes in putting family first and the rest will follow.

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Instagram: therealrebeccakingcrews
Twitter: @rebeccakcrews

Dj Winn x Dee Watkins "Die Young" Single | @djwinn727

New York born, Florida made, DJ Winn continues to proves that with motivation, humility, perseverance, and drive you can succeed. As keeping turn with his tagline, “Watch Me Work”, DJ Winn recently teamed up with Dee Watkins to releases "Die Young". Stream the record below, add to playlists, and'll be glad you did.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Introducing Shadow ‘2 Real’

    • Sionte’ Campbell (born September 18, 1992), is a recording artist from Jacksonville, Florida. He was adopted & raised by his grandparents on his father’s side where he came to love & enjoy music. His grandmother (mom) is a minister at a local church where grew up & attended as well as sang in the choir. Outside of listening to gospel, his grandfather (pops) would listen to R&B which greatly captured his attention. He also found a comfort in Jazz while riding with his grandfather on his biological mother’s side. Hip-hop & rap music would come more as he visited cousins, hung out with uncles, watched TV/movies, & visiting his biological mother & two younger brothers who lived in Hinesville, Georgia.
Shadow gained his name originally from hanging with his uncles, biological father, & their friends as a kid, but wouldn’t stick until he was much older. The name resurfaced as it was used as a joke because he was dark-skinned, saying he was like a “shadow” in the picture. As time went on he resented the name, later gaining nicknames like “Too Kool,” “Kool Kat Campbell,” & later combining them to make a Facebook name “Too Real;” it wouldn’t be until 2020 where he decided to add 2 Real to his name after music distributions would add other artist’s music to his & vice versa. During high school, Shadow was around different groups of people. His biggest influence was Joseph Kate who was killed September 19, 2011. “Ain’t No Love Like My Mama,” recorded in 2011 was his first song, single, & first time behind a mic. After recording three songs from his friend’s closet, working, going to school, & running into some trouble here & there in the streets he decided to join the U.S. Air Force. Not long after joining he linked up with fellow service member & lifetime friend “Jermaine “JayDub” Wadley. The two would go on to create music later releasing “Rummage from the Vault” in 2014, Shadow’s first & JayDub’s 7th mixtape. They would soon go their separate ways & leave music alone. In 2019 while in Africa, Shadow would get back into music after playing around with an app called “BandLab” & creating a song called “Island Wind.” The uproar from a single song pushed him to continue music & dropping his 2nd mixtape “Glitch” as a way of saying he’s back & better than ever. In 2020 he released an R&B album “Canvas” which featured Camo & JayDub, while catching a lot of steam & encouragement in the process. His latest project “No Pressure” with JayDub will be released March 3, 2021.


Facebook Artist Page: @shadow2real

IG: @shadow_2real

TikTok: @shadow2real

Snapchat: Tae.tagged24



Apple Music:



Gregory Dillon yearns to bring a compounded nostalgia to the mind of the listener. With an 80’s stained sound and a fascination for conceptual design, his style caught the eye of publications such as GAY TIMES, BILLBOARD, and BEDFORD & BOWERY - the last of which writes of Gregory’s sound as “pulsing with a yearning to look backward.”

On February 23, Gregory Dillon reinvents the familiar 2000’s anthem, “Swing Swing” by The All-American Rejects, within a queer lo-fi dreamscape that transforms his bathroom into a blue, synth-stained music video.
Following up the release of his smash debut EP, called Sad Magic, Dillon further explores the nostalgic avant-pop world of his current era by honoring his emo-punk roots and paying tribute to a band who influenced his work as a global pop artist.
In a time where loneliness seems to be the norm, Gregory’s self-produced rendition of “Swing Swing” invites you up to the rooftop to cry together (virtually).

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Spotlight on Tiny K @tinykofficial

Born in July 1995 in Ashford, Kent (UK), it was the discovery of Grime at 11 years of age that inevitably shaped TINY K's career.

From opening for Snoop Dogg at the London O2 Arena at the age of 19, TINY K has gone on to perform at a host of world-renowned venues and festivals such as Reading Festival, Southbeats Festival, Blove Festival, Roundhouse London, and The Gallery.
TINY K is sitting on a slew of hard-hitting singles, including Roll Out (feat. Nikolai), Take Me Back, and Fade Away (feat. Matt Wills), which was accompanied by a music video that featured on Link Up TV.
Now planted in the UK Rap and Hip-Hop circuits, his new direction sets the sonic foundations for his forthcoming debut album.
Titled 'Sub Urban Delinquent', the full-length LP is a collation of TINY K’s finest cuts.

Connect w/ Tiny K:


Yung Stakks "Freaky Bih" Lyric Video | @yungstakks_

Check out the lyric video "Freaky Bih" by Chine Music’s very own Yung Stakks. "Freaky Bih" shows Yung Stakks having a wild time with a chick and her best friend. The Chicago artist is having his way with his ladies and everything else on this track. Get into it and stay tuned for more.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

Oakland based hip hop artist and philanthropist Ron Raxx teams up with rising R&B star Nyasia Chane’l

Ron Raxx releases “Can’t Fake It” featuring New York based R&B Soulstress Nyasia Chane’l

Ron Cooper Jr (known professionally as Ron Raxx, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Oakland CA. He rose to attention in 2017 when he released the video to his hit record “Snakes”. In 2018, he followed up on the success of “Snakes” with the release of his star-studded, debut studio album “Paradox Cliche”, which included guest appearances from: Mistah Fab, Outrageous Karina, Magnolia Chop, J-Diggs, Dubee, J Banks, Dubb20, Simone Mosley, Young Ell and more.

For decades, the great state of California has produced Hip-Hop artists who are more than just musicians, artists such as the late great Eazy-E, Nipsey Hussle; legends such as Snoop Dogg, and E-40 have all leveraged their artistry with their entrepreneurial instincts endeavoring to uplift their communities. Ron Raxx is no different in this regard. With the establishment of his own label, lifestyle, and clothing brand “STICK Squad”, Ron has ventured into music production, event planning, fashion and philanthropic work.

“S.T.I.C.K.” stands for: Stronger Than I Can Komprehend, when discussing the rational for its formation, Ron reflects on the tragic loss of his mother due to suicide when he was just 4 years of age; “It’s my personal belief that all humans have encountered situations to which we didn’t know how we would overcome them but through our faith in something greater albeit “God”, the “Universe” or whatever we find the strength to overcome, and STICK Squad was formed to be a reminder and inspiration to the people that we can overcome any obstacle together.”, says Ron Raxx.

STICK Squad has begun to partner with Carter Block Entertainment (CBE), Restoration for Life Ministries and Food Without Borders; for weekly food drive events every Saturday donating 2500 boxes of food to those in need in Oakland. Beginning in early February as a response to the hardship brought on by the pandemic STICK Squad and CBE plan to continue this endeavor well into the spring and beyond looking to partner with like-minded organizations and expand to more communities throughout the Bay area and greater California.

Real life, pain, love, loss, companionship is what drives Ron Raxx and that is reflected in all of his music. “Can’t Fake It” is a tale about a new romance, discussing how many times the barriers to love are found in the people around you who are purported to be friends or family. Ron’s chronology of a budding romance is all too relatable, the classic “Good girl” choosing the perceived “Bad guy”. As Ron expresses gratitude for the love of his choosing him over the objections of her peers, the soulful musings of Nyasia Chane’l reassures him that their bond is greater than others have the ability to comprehend.

“Can’t Fake It” is a remarkable throwback styled Hip-Hop/Soul ballad with a “now” sound. Too often many complain that today’s music lacks substance and introspection, however Ron Raxx and Nyasia Chane’l are proof that music can still show vulnerability and still be marketable.

Keep an eye out for Ron Raxx as he is well on his way to becoming a household name, and star in this industry.

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Stay Connected Instagram: @RonRaxx

Twitter: @RonRaxx

Instagram: @Nyasia_Chanel_

Twitter: @Nyasia_Chanel_

Sess 4-5 “Dats Wassup” Video | @SESS45

Sess 4-5 recently dropped "Dats Wassup" produced by Sinista on da Traxx, the record is making noise in the streets of the Big Easy. Check out the official video directed by Private Billions via Nuthin But Fire Records.

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Fayn "Time Piece" Lyric Video | @faynmusic

Fayn comes through with "Time Piece", flashy and confident with a fun delivery expressing happiness through wealth. Check out the lyric video below and stay tuned for more.

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K1ng Zoe “Feel1ng Amaz1ng" Lyric Video | @K1ngzoe_a2o

Against All Odds Music Group, presents K1ng Zoe with his new single “Feel1ng Amaz1ng”. K1ng Zoe invites you to “picture me rollin” as he takes along for a ride with the rising star. With K1ng Zoe describing what it feels like to be at the top of his game. Check out the full-length lyric video and vibe.

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

[New Video] Juliano ft Big Gipp - Orders 'Remix' | @Juliano_zone6

Juliano releases Orders Remix Official video featuring Atlanta legend Big Gipp

Watch on YouTube


Stay Connected Twitter @Juliano_zone6 IG @julianozone6

RAP IS A MARTIAL ART "John Wick" Video | @philippeprosper

“Rap and Martial Arts, I’m its ultimate copulation”. Hip hop and martial arts have been dating for a while. It looks like a while back, they made it official. Meet “Rap is a martial art" -an international fighting, forms, and weapons Grand champion meets rapper. To him “rap and martial arts" are synonymous forms of self expression”. He merges the two disciplines in a way that’s never been done before.

Within the short time span of his selective music releases, his thought provoking dizzying rhyme patterns caused Amped Sounds Magazine' "The One Man Gang" to describe him as "possibly having one of the best rap flows of the last 10 years" and EarlMilk Magazine to describes him as displaying a “masterful plethora of dynamic verbal techniques that will have ears ringing and heads nodding” .

A former disciple of Shaolin Grandmaster Yim, with 29 years of martial arts experience, Rap Is A Martial Art embodies the heart of the martial artist in his lyrics, in his Martial Arts Fashion line “Martial Luxury” and in his podcast “Rare Knomads” featuring guests like Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Canon, Jim Jones and more.
His endeavors in fashion, acting, martial arts, and ministry make for a distinct blend of perspectives and insight you can find in his music. He’s been featured in noteworthy mediums including but not limited to The Source, EarlMilk, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, HipHopSince1987, Marie Claire, DC Modern Luxury, The Washingtonian, and Honk Kong’s New Martial Hero Magazine and more.

Download his album “Martial Rap” featuring Cory Gunz, A.F.R.O, and Chris Rivers.
All Music and Fashion are available for early access by subscribing to
Link to music on all platforms:

Friday, February 26, 2021

Paydro "Party" Lyric Video | @PaydroBCE

Exla Music presents Cincinnati street native Paydro as he releases single "Party." Mixing his 42 with Patron Paydro is always the life of the party. Check out the Lyric video below.

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Sess 4-5 “Family Man” Lyric Video | @SESS45

Nuthin But Fire Records presents New Orleans, LA based rapper and recording artist Sess 4-5 putting on for the boot and his family with his new single “Family Man”. Sess raps “Got my queen in the front right, kids in the back yup, ball all our life yeah we rocking like that. I’m bout my family woah, Imma family man”. Check out the entire lyric video below, this one is for everyone that loves and values their family.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Donta Glo “Night Time” Single | @DontaGlo

"Legacy Media Presents Chicago, Illinois rapper and recording artist, Donta Glo as he sets the tone for the industry with his first release, "Night Time". With his clever lyricism and passionate flow, Donta plans to make every girl feel special, even at night time.

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Sir Charles ENT. “Real Nigha Music” Single | @SirCharlesEnt

Dallas, Texas rapper and recording artist, Sir Charles Ent. offers street banger, "Real Nigha Music." This player yet smooth release is inspired by all of the real niggas and stand up guys.

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Follow and support Sir Charles Ent. as he breaks his way through the music industry.

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A. Johnz bring Soul to new single "Ride with Me." @ajohnzmusic

In a perfect environment, you would experience great weather, no drama, a lady by your side and a dope ride to take her on a trip with. Many have seen those days and A. Johnz has painted a picture of just that. 

 Representing the city of Nashville, A. Johnz teams up with producers DopeBoyz Music to bring the world "Ride with Me”. This song touches on cruising through the highway with the woman of your dreams, filled with Romance and positive vibes. ATL is the destination and the vibe can't be any better.

  "Girl we speeding on the highway, Riding wit my top drop down" is just the beginning of the catchy chorus that will keep you in tune with the record itself. A. Johnz has a soul feel that may remind you of Charlie Wilson. If you don't know who that is make sure to do your homework. 

  "Ride with Me” by A. Johnz is available on all digital platforms now. 



 Lyric Video: 

 Single Link:

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Flake Griffin ft Tec "Demons" Video

Flake Griffin releases new video "Demons" ft Tec. Be on the lookout for his New mixtape dropping Feb 28th to all platforms called My Life Vol 2.

Cobe Selfmade "What Would You Do For The Money" ft. Cheetto | Video

New Video by Cobe Selfmade titled "What Would You Do For The Money" ft. Cheetto. Shot By: @christmascream. Produced By: Calvin Tankmen (Professional Wrestler). Engineered By: Mitch (416 Wabash)

Music Distribution Club x Put Me On - Conference 2021

Get featured on 1 of 10 dates announces its monthly livestream music business panel dubbed “Put Me On - Conference 2021” providing artists the blueprint to be successful in the music business right now.

Music Distribution Club’s “Put Me On - Concert Series” entails three 12 minute sets aired during the broadcast of each Put Me On - Conference panel in 2021. This also includes your 36 month distribution membership at w/ unlimited audio releases to all major DSP's and no catalog renewal fees.
Confirm your spot and we’ll schedule the date to film your performance set in Hollywood, Ca or Times SQ, NY.
To Get Started
1. Click here for booking and confirm your spot
2. Select “Put Me On”
3. Enter the coupon code - Put Me On
4. Complete your registration
You will be scheduled for onboarding within 24-48 hours of your registration
Payment Schedule
1. Registration - $150 due to register
2. Initial deposit - $499 due after onboarding to schedule your filming date in Hollywood, Ca or Times SQ, NY.
Additional info:
You will have tickets on sale under your stage name so your fans can purchase tickets to see you perform (All of your ticket sales are detected by
100% of your ticket sales are deposited to your Music Distribution Club account 48hrs after your broadcast date. Potential margin of profit is after 25 tickets sold (i.e. 100 tickets at $27 = $2700 paid out).
You will receive your payout 72-hours after your concerts airdate, deposited to your Music Distribution Club account.

Music Distribution Club x Put Me On

Music Distribution Club announces it’s monthly panel dubbed “Put Me On - Conference 2021” giving artists the blueprint to be successful in the music industry right now.

New York, NY - Ready for 2021? Ok well, grab a ticket from because this is your chance to attend the 1st annual Music Distribution Club x Put Me On - Conference and get put on to make moves right now in 2021's music industry.
Here’s what you can expect: *Celebrity Interviews
*Live Performances
*Music Industry Execs

Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

Purchase the VIP Package which includes:
1.) Admission to each conference panel in 2021
2.) Your 36 month distribution membership at w/ each of your releases in 2021 eligible for October’s "Put Me On - Review"
3.) And get 10% off all 12-month fan targeting services

Monday, February 22, 2021

Haze OPC presents: Hot New Trilogy

Haze OPC is starting off the year dropping off a trilogy of singles. He’s shining more light and adding depth to his story, by taking the fans deeper into his mind and heart picking up from last years hit singles, while bearing it all showing his ability to reach different people. With the first single Light On Me (Conversations With The Father), he’s telling his struggles of fighting to overcome different obstacles that could set him back and how the story unfolded into a testimony. There comes a time during life when we’ve come to a crossroad or become awaken/aware and have to acknowledge certain things. That’s where the single Protect Me, Lead Me, Hold Me, Guide Me comes from knowing you’re fighting a battle beyond your understanding, needing help and guidance from GOD along the way. Quick Escape has a catchy hook and it’s one of the songs that’s different from what listeners are used to hearing from International Haze lately. Frustrations from day to day obstacles, rather it be from relationships, work, home or just wanting some alone time to get back focused and relieve some stress built up from the world. We all feel like we need a quick escape at times from something rather it’s a person, place or thing. Once again Haze OPC delivers on time records for times such as this.

Stay Connected Instagram: mr_paper_chaser_opc Instagram: officialpaperchasersmusic Twitter:@HazeOPC

[New Album] Young Trap - Love vs. Lust @YoungTrapMuzic

Memphis rapper Young Trap is back with his new album "Love vs. Lust!" The album was released on Valentine's Day and has more of an r&b feel than most of Young Trap's previous material. The songs "Nasty" (feat. Icon Desz) and "M.i.a." (feat. J Gale) are the only two features on the album. "Love vs. Lust" was produced by "FD" from "Heat on da Beat", Synesthetic Nation, Maskerade Beats, Primestars Beats, Raw Keys, and Maestro! The album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA by Tommy D Daugherty (Former engineer for Death Row Records) and mixed by @Biggdee_901 in Memphis, TN! His 1st video "M.i.a. (feat. J Gale) was directed by Lenny Coote (@llenzel). 

  Social Media: 
Booking: 770-369-7303 
M.i.a Video:

TaTa Mami "Smell Like Money" Lyric Video | @itzTaTaMaMi

Illest records present Pop's newest superstar, TaTa MaMi. The Phoenix, AZ rapper and recording artist drops off the street's favorite, "Smell Like Money." This track produced by DLee and Sunrize, along with the dope visual, has taken the web by storm, helping catapult TaTa MaMi to the top of the Got Next list.

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Stay in tune with this rising star and up to date by following her movement and supporting her campaign on all social and retail platforms.

Booking: 332.600.9634 | Email | Socials | ALL Music | “Smell Like Money” | Soundcloud | Audiomack | DJ Download | Audio Video | Lyric Video

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Alcam "Never Forget" Video | @alcammusic

Alcam is back with the official video release for the single "Never Forget". Checkout the the visual brought to you by Game Changers Ent.

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Stay Tuned and follow Alcam on his social media platforms for updates and giveaways.

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Money Note "Feds Watchin (ft. Famous Dex)" Video

Shiest House Records rapper and recording artist Money Note recently dropped the trippy, high energy, party record “Feds Watchin”ft Famous Dex. Today we are proud to bring you the dope visual. Press play and support.

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To hear more from Money Note and stay up to date with new content, follow him on all social media platforms.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Check Out The New Video "Count It Up" By Frank Hugo

Artist and CEO Frank Hugo release's new video called 'Count It Up' on YouTube.

The new single is also available on all digital music platforms. Frank Hugo is the self made CEO, owning an independent record label called BMR (Brick Money Records) and owning many other businesses.

Connect w/ Frank Hugo:


Friday, February 19, 2021

Dolo Money "Hood Pop Ups" Episode 1 | @DoloMoneyENT

This is episode one of #HoodPopUps a show where Dolo Money goes to some of the most dangerous neighborhoods around the country and plays his music directly for the people... Not only will you get to see the first hand reaction of the people but you’ll be able to see different places and cities you may want to visit! Stay tuned because they are only going to get better!!! Episode 2 dropping soon! Make sure you share and comment so I know y’all rocking with it!!

Stream the featured record “Paid In Full” on all platforms and tap in on social media for the updates on Dolo Money.

Email | Socials | Business Number: 4437668635 | "Hood Pop Ups Ep 1" | All Music | "Paid In Full" | DJ Download | Audiomack | Soundcloud | Audio Video

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Mack Ben Widdit “The Big Way (Big Dawg)” Single | @MackBenWiddit

From Richmond, VA., to a street near you Don’t Fold Entertainment presents “BIG DAWG”. “Right down to the business….DFE is coming, nope not big headed but indeed “moving round like a BIG DAWG”. Ready to “piss off the haters” DFE’s “BIG DAWG” another head-banger from “The Big Way” project.

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Come follow the movement, for music and more follow (DFE) Don’t Fold Entertainment on social media everywhere.

Socials | Email | "The Big Way" | DJ Download | Audio Video | ALL Music | Audiomack | Business Contact: (804) 956-7946

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Steel Drumz "Deserve That" Video | @steeldrumzmusic ft @MikeSmiff305

The dynamic Miami duo, Steel Drumz music is back with fellow Miami artist, Slip N Slide's records very own Mike Smiff on the new record "Deserve That". I must admit I had become accustomed to their fast-paced releases, but "Deserve That" became an instant favorite. The inspirational and mellow, Gorilla Tec produced track that depicts all of us that have worked hard and are reaping our labor because we "Deserve That". Accompanied by a dope visual directed by FNO Productions and set in the world’s most beautiful backdrop, Miami; it's a complete release that should be added to playlists everywhere. Check out the video and support the single on all digital streaming sites. Support and Feedback are greatly appreciated.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

GoodLook "Good Friday" Single | @itzgoodlook

Exla Music Presents Cincinnati Ohio Rapper & Recording Artist, "GoodLook. Jumping off the new year looking for a good time and good vibes with, "Good Friday.' GoodLook gives us something we can dance to as we get ready for a lit weekend. You can never have a bad Friday after listening to, "Good Friday."

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Kilo M.O.E "Watch What Ya Say" Single | @omg_moe ft Hecdakid

Kilo M.O.E started his musical journey soon after ending his long lived successful career as a personal trainer and body builder.
Maurice Jones also known by his stage name Kilo M.O.E has become a highly praised independent artist with rising nationwide recognition.
He is a hip-hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. The Athlete Kilo M.O.E was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and his search for self-expression led him down a new path to music.
He is a nationally recognized businessman and ASCAP member. The company specializes in digital Multimedia publishing through the publishing entity “Tha Grizz Publishing”, marketing promotions and sales.

Check out his latest visual "Watch What Ya Say" ft Hecdakid

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Paper Posh "Vogue" Video | @papergirlbaby

Paperposh of Papersposhpics is a brand with global reach. Ftema Raysor has her album illegal eviction and singles Vouge and Boy Young. The Ftema Raysor clothing collection and also the Papersposhpics television show. So watch out for the Paperposh Skate Video Games

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Lindze "On The Floor" Single

Lindze releases a brand new single titled "On The Floor". Stream it below and add it to your playlists today.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Dolo Money “Paid In Full” Lyric Video | @DoloMoneyEnt

Baltimore, MD, artist Dolo Money keeps it true to the street code on “Paid In Full”. The street lyricism full of clever punchlines and an intricate flow is detailed below, check out the lyric video in full and rap a long to "Paid in Full".

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Don Bentayga "Bottle After Bottle" Single | @donbentayga

Check out this new single from Don Bentayga called "Bottle After Bottle." This song has been lighting up all the clubs! Turn up with Don Bentayga and share with all your friends before you pop that bottle request "Bottle After Bottle" by Don Bentayga!

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